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The Armour House & Gardens at Meadowview Park | Elopement Wedding in Henrico Virginia| Jason & Adriana|

Sunday June 23, 2019

Adriana and Jason are the most fun loving, adventurous, and easy going couple – whose love for the simple joys in life reflected in their wedding day. From her parent’s surprise arrival from Germany, to the hilariously fun, “toilet-gift-game-tradition” their day was one in which I will always remember!

I will never forget my first inquiry from Adriana who was at the beginning stages of planning for her wedding originally planned for August 2019. Over the course of the year, and with some changes, this sweet couple decided to do a simple elopement – a very different picture from their original plans of a very large Havana 59 wedding theme. Keeping the elements simple yet elegant, and not straying from the true meaning of marriage meant a lot to them…as well as their love for traveling! When it came time for them to look for a simpler venue, I automatically thought of the beautiful Armor House and Gardens. In fact, I am convinced fate intended for them to get married here all along!

The Armour House and Gardens at Meadowview Park sits quietly tucked away in Henrico Virginia. The prominent gardens of hydrangea and passionflower vines attract butterflies during the summer and the huge magnolia trees provide shelter from the heat. When I first discovered this quaint venue about a year ago I thought to myself how fitting this gorgeous setting would make for a smaller wedding.

Their day was definitely as unique as they come! At first, I was told the elopement would only consist of literally: Jason, Adriana, the Officiant and myself. Originally from Germany, Adriana was unsure if her parents could make the travel to the United States. But to all of our excitement, they surprised Adriana with the news that they WOULD be able to attend and would be arriving before their special day to spend time with them! And this wasn’t the only surprise they came with! For Adriana and Jason’s wedding gift, they hand wrapped a simple bathroom cleaning set…fully equipped with large rolls of toilet paper. At first Adriana and Jason’s expressions were dismayed,

“What are you trying to tell me mom? Do I need to clean my bathroom??” Everyone laughed.

But her parents insisted they unroll ALL the rolls of toilet paper. And soon began an amazing discovery!! Truly, the most amazing gifts can sometimes be hidden amidst the most ordinary items!

Adriana & Jason, from start to finish it was a joy for me capturing your engagement and wedding day. It was also an honor meeting your family and being able to celebrate with you all! (p.s. if I ever need to use a bathroom and I am your side of town…I will definitely be making my way to use yours! :-P j/k) Congratulations to you both, Mr. and Mrs. Caron and enjoy a few of my favorites from your beautiful day!! <3

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