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Fall Wedding at the Early House in Louisa Virginia | Sami & Scott | Sarah Duke Photography

October 6, 2018

When I reflect back on Sami and Scott's wedding I relive so many emotions! Not only was it one full of fun and the light-hearted humor but it was also a night full of very meaningful elements.

From the unforgettable details of the bride and her girls getting ready, to Sami sharing a first look with her Father, I felt wholeheartedly humble capturing their day.

As a photographer, I always relish the intimate moments - those brief pauses where I am but a spectator capturing the beauty of a never-before-seen experience. With this in mind, one of those moments was being present when Scott read a letter from his bride-to-be before the ceremony. Sitting on the front porch at The Early House, I realized what was unfolding wasn't just Sami's letter to Scott...but the mark of a wonderful journey for both of them as husband and wife.

The venue, The Early House located in Louisa Virginia, boasts an endless scenic landscape from gorgeous bridges, to flower gardens....what is most prominent to me about the Early House is that it is also the owner's home. The total ambiance of the property reflects one of a genuine welcome, like the warmth someone feels on Thanksgiving Day when they visit their home and are surrounded by family and friends who love them. What makes the Early House unique is that in conjunction to the peaceful atmosphere, the sheer elegance of the ceremony sight is absolutely unforgettable. A stunning white bridge connects a small island to the outdoor venue, equip with ample room for quest seating during the ceremony. And if these features aren't unique enough- once the bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife, a beautiful antique farm bell sounds and white doves are released! Undeniably, amazing! And at night, the substantial, dance floor glows with chandlers- inviting guests to celebrate!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Franke whose wedding day truly left an imprint on my heart & memory, and a couple I am extremely honored having been able to photograph!

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