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MONDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2019 | Personal

Shenandoah River Outfitters & Luray Caverns  | Family Vacation in Virginia

My mind can't help but sing the famous line from John Denver's song, Country Roads as I look at these amazing images from our recent trip to the mountains.  Tylor and I have been long overdue for a vacation, or at least a getaway...

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SUNDAY OCTOBER 13, 2019 | Engagement

Fall Engagement Session at Paynefield Farm | Tappahannock Virginia| Galen & Rachel

Every-time I come back to Paynefiled Farm I am never disappointed. From the peaceful field to the beautiful family heirloom house, this venue boats a southern comfort charm...

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Harvey Wedding Sarah Duke Photography No

SATURDAY OCTOBER 05, 2019 | Wedding

Historic Mansion Wedding | Nick & Sara | North Point Plantation in King William, Virginia

The stunning white brick North Point Plantation sits quaintly on a private road in King William, Virginia just over the Mattaponi River. The fall weather was crisp and cool and the setting was perfect for high school sweetheart's Sara and Nick's big day.

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SUNDAY September 29, 2019 | Bridals

Southern Charmed Bridal Session |Dellwood Plantation Chesterfield, Virginia

I met Hannah for her bridal portrait session at the beautiful family owned and operated Dellwood Plantation. Like the bride to be, I fell in LOVE with the home, from it's gorgeous crown molding to the vintage furniture that adorned each room.

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SUNDAY September 22, 2019 | Portraits

Celebrating Ten Years | Brantley & Josefina | Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Virginia

When my friend Josefina came to me wanting to book an anniversary session with her husband Brantley (a 10 YEAR anniversary....)I was so excited! I have been blessed over the course of the last five years of knowing Josefina at my full time job, so when she asked me to capture this milestone in her life I couldn't have been more honored.

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SATURDAY September 21, 2019 | Potraits

Romantic Sunset Maternity Session|Adriana & Jason | in Hanover Virginia

It's been one milestone after another for this sweet couple! I first connected with Adriana when her and Jason were newly engaged. And while it feels like I just finished photographing their wedding yesterday, I am reminded how quickly time passes and just how necessary it is capturing these amazing moments.

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Classic Fall Wedding at Hanover Tavern i

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 | Weddings

Classic Fall Wedding at Hanover Tavern in Mechanicsville Virginia | Ben & Kellyn | 

While “daughter”, “sister”, and “friend” were already titles she was accustomed to, it was in that very moment reality distinguished Kellyn as “bride.” I watched as gratitude evoked tears in her eyes as her gaze continued. How in just a few moments, she would be sharing her first look with her Father and soon-to-be-husband, Ben.

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03Pappas Family_Sarah Duke Photography_P

FRIDAY AUGUST 30, 2019 | Portrait

Military Deployment Session | Pappas Family | Mechanicsville Virginia

I actually didn’t plan for this post to be before September 11, and since I believe coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous, I am reminded after doing this incredible session with the Pappas family, that every day is truly a gift. And at any time, the routines we have come to anticipate in our lives can change without notice.

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Sam and Claudia Surprise Proposal Sarah

SATURDAY AUGUST 17, 2019 | Engagements

Where History and Pie Collide | Sam & Claudia | Surprise Proposal!

The scene was set at the historical Grant’s Headquarters – City Point in Hopewell, Virginia. In it’s prime, this abundant land was known as Appomattox Manor, which served as a supply center for 100,000 union soldiers and was one of the busiest seaports in the world. It always amazes me when visiting new locations, especially historical, because I often wonder to myself just how many other feet walked these same grounds?

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SATURDAY AUGUST 10, 2019 | Weddings

A Love Like Fireworks | Wedding On the James | Jordan & Jacob

The setting was something out of a vintage garden overlooking the peaceful James River. Beyond the ornate, red velvet furniture pieces, and freshly cut eucalyptus ordaining the white ceremony chairs, was the underlying foundation of what truly made this venue so special and one of a kind: family, and the love shared here over the years.

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Paynefield Farm Wedding_Chrissy and Adam

SATURDAY JUNE 08, 20199 | Weddings

Wedding at Paynefield Farm in Tappahannock Virginia | Chrissy & Adam | 

Every time I arrive at the long drive leading toward Paynefield Farm I am overcome with the beautiful scene. I stepped out of my car to capture the first few scenes of this beautiful venue, and enjoyed taking in the first few breaths of calm, quiet air.

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SATURDAY JULY 13, 2019 | Engagements

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Engagement Session | Brandon & Allie | Richmond Virginia

While the golden sunset and bountiful blooms made for stunning backdrops, what really set the scene for this incredible engagement session were Allie and Brandon’s hospitable personalities...

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SUNDAY AUGUST 4, 2019 | Bridals

Hanover Tavern Bridal Portrait Session | Kellyn | Hanover Virginia

I think I'll always remember this moment (not only because this type of reaction was the first I have ever experienced) but because to me, it depicted Kellyn in her realest form. For, far beyond the lace and bridal accessories that adorned her, I have come to know Kellyn also wears grace, compassion, and humility...

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SATURDAY JUNE 01, 20199 | Bridals

Botanical Bridal Session at the Armour House & Gardens in Richmond Virginia | Adriana

A year ago when I discovered the Armour House I would have never thought that its garden decor would be in any way foreshadowing a wedding! But like I have said before, Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous....

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Hutson Family The Armour House and Garde

MONDAY MAY 13, 2019 | Portraits

Hutson Family Portraits | Armour House & Gardens | Richmond Virginia

We beat the summer time heat and met early in the morning. It was a joy to see their two little ones adventuring and exploring the park together, chasing dragon flies and climbing trees.

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Hannah and Lenny Crump Park Engagement S

SATURDAY APRIL 06, 2019 | Engagements

Meadow Farm & Walkerton Tavern Engagement Session | Lenny & Hannah | Glen Allen, Virginia

I felt as though I already knew Hannah and Lenny before we met for their engagement session at Meadow Farm Crump Park and the beautiful Walkerton Tavern in Glen Allen. Our session and time together felt more like hanging out with great friends. 

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SUNDAY APRIL 28, 2019| Weddings

Manor House at Kings Charter | Crystal & David| Mechanicsville, Virginia

This Sunday, I celebrated with Crystal and David at the beautiful Manor House at Kings Charter in Mechanicsville, Virginia. I am so excited to share a few sneak peaks from their day and am so grateful to have been able to capture their story!

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A Romantic Wedding at Amber Grove Kelly

SUNDAY MARCH 17, 2019 | Wedding

A Romantic St. Patrick's Day Wedding at Amber Grove | Austin & Kelly | Mosely, Va.

I hid Kelly on one side of the shed located at the back of the venue and lead Austin outside to her. Without taking a single peak, Austin reached out his hand to her and the excitement and anticipation glowed from their expressions. I crouched under a magnolia tree in an attempt to be as incognito as possible, and before I knew it, found myself lost in the moment.

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Kelly Bridals Amber Grove Sarah Duke Pho

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2019 | Bridals

Bridal Portrait Session at Amber Grove | Kelly | Mosely, Virginia

Kelly and I met on a very windy (but gorgeously warm day in February) at the beautiful Amber Grove for her bridal portraits.  During our time at Amber Grove, I learned and got to experience firsthand the reasons why her and Austin selected this unique property as their venue, and what she was most anticipating in regards to her big day.

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